Love Song

(I. Hanson / T. Hanson / Z. Hanson)

Lead Singer: Isaac

The wind it blows
Through the trees
Claiming those innocent leaves
And the thunder rolls
These crashing seas
Like a tender kiss
Holds his heart in me

In this life long love song
You can love right
You can love wrong
In this love song
You can love wrong
But if you love wrong
Does it mean love's gone?

Mary was a young girl
With a young girl's heart
Well I can remember
Was the look from the start
Well now it's sasperella
She was my own too
Well something was wrong, 'coz now she's gone
Tell me what did I do



Whoaaa. . .

And it doesn't mean love's wrong just because you're feeling low
And it doesn't mean love's gone 'cuz you feel like you want to let go
Well it wasn't wrote in this book of love that you'd always know
I wish someone would have told me before

Talked about love in times it seems
Words come out our lips
Forgot what it means
And we said we'd be together (we said we'd be together)
'Til death do us part
But we said those words
With only half our hearts

Whoa whoaaaaa


Oh oh oh oh oh

Wish someone would told me before

Love Song has been performed live 89 times and was first performed live Jun 27 2000