Song For Natalie Portman

(I. Hanson)

Lead Singer: Isaac

Natalie... oooh, Natalie
Natalie... oooh, Natalie
I know what it's like to be chased by people with cameras
And I understand what it feels like to be real sad
So I am here to say that I love you
Even though it makes you feel bad
And I just wrote this song in the wrong key

It's about a girl in Star Wars, oh yes
And you guess that I do stink at writing songs in a week
Cos I just can't come up with something that rhymes with "Portman"
(You try - it's real hard)
Oh if I can come up with soemthing that rhymes with "Portman"
Unless she was a US postman
But until she's employed by the US government
I guess I'll just have to say that I love Natalie Portman anyway

Song For Natalie Portman has not been performed live