Turning 21

(Z. Hanson)
Posted on the hnet blog: October 21, 2006
Lead Singer: Zac

Wake up early and brush your teeth
Clip your nails and tap your feet
It's gonna be so fun
It's gonna be so fun

Put on your favorite born-in shoes
And walk around in your birthday suit
Cos you're the only one

You took off work
There ain't no party
There ain't no cake
But you'll be going late

It's gonna be so fun
Cos you're tuning 21

When you were 16 you got high
And probably learned to drive
At 18 you cast your vote
Watched a 6 hour marathon of Murder She Wrote
Three years down the line
You're still feeling fine
Time is passing by

It's gonna be so fun
Cos you're turning 21

The spirit's moving your feet
In ways you wouldn't believe
And if I'm dancing alone
The captain's dancing with me

The feeling is strong
Can it go on, on, on, on, on?

21, 21, 21, 21, 21, 21, 21

Turning 21 has not been performed live