New Cassette

(A. Schlesinger)

Lead Singer: Taylor

I got your new cassette,
Yeah, it's the best one yet,
I've got the others and they're OK,
But this one blows them all away.

I heard the song on the radio,
Who was it singing, I had to know,
It didn't sound like you at all,
The station didn't even take my call.

But I said: No, I'm not giving up just yet,
Yeah I just got to get your new cassette.

I couldn't wait to hear it,
Blasting on my Pioneer,
Got to wait till the neighbor's gone.
Make sure that I don't have the dolby on
I power up and I pop it in,
At first it sounded a little thin,
Pick up the bass and the treble too
Not sure exactly what you're trying to do

But I said: No, I'm not giving up just yet,
And I think I'm starting to get, your new cassette.

What took you so long, to get back in the studio?
Did something go wrong, is there something we didn't know?
Did it take a whole summer, to find a new drummer?
Maybe you couldn't get along,
Maybe you just ran out of songs.
Out of songs.

Cause that's what I read.

Now I, can't get it out of my head,
And I'm sure it's your best work yet!
Now there's 10 songs I'll never forget.
On your new cassette.

New Cassette has been performed live 11 times and was first performed live Mar 18 2009