Out In The Woods

(L. Russell)

Lead Singer: Taylor

Well I'm goin' down, Goin down a hard road Just don't know, Don't know where I've been But I think I've been walkin', I'm walkin' round in circles Can't even find a friend
Woah... my love, My love she is not waiting
Think I might've been gone, I've been gone too long People make me crazy
I can hardly sing my song
Hustlers stand around me, I'm lost and all alone
Can't tell the bad from the good
I'm lost in the woods, I'm lost in the woods Big city gamblers, Gamblers take my money Yes it gets to be useless, Yes it's useless to me And I think I'm lost, When I'm lost inside this Jungle Can't see the forest for the trees
Well pretty little, Woman come and get me
Try me, Try me one more time
Yes and your sweet, Your sweet understanding Can't fix this broken heart of mine
The vultures fly around me, Come and take me home Can't tell the bad from the good
I'm out in the woods, I'm lost in the woods.... I'm a man gone crazy in the woods. I'm wondering around in the bush.

Out In The Woods has been performed live 1 time and was first performed live Mar 16 2017