Missing, Needing, Wanting You

Written by Isaac in December 2017 in New York City
Lead Singer: Isaac

Staring out the window on this city,
God I wish that you were here,
Being here without you, nothing is clear

Outside storm clouds are looiming,
And they're looming in my heart,
Not sure I can take the distance or the time we've been apart,

And I'm missing you...

I feel the cold wind blowing, it chills me to the bone,
And the sounds of this city just make me feel alone,

And I'm needing you...

The touch of your hands,
The smell of your skin,
The sound of you breathing out and breathing in,

Wanting your body,
Laying close to mind,
Needing you only, for all time

I'm wanting you,
In ways words could ever say,
I'm needing you,
How do you do this to me,
I'm missing you, I'm missing you

Missing, Needing, Wanting You has been performed live 1 time and was first performed live Jan 09 2018