The Machine

Z. Hanson
Explained by Zac in February 22, 2018 blog post on titled "Turn Off What Machine?"
20 minute long form piece of music with very few words.
Originally referred to as "Turn off the Machine"
About a man who builds a robot and it goes terribly wrong
Turn Off The Machine is under the Digital Pants umbrella, because Digital Pants songs are about Joy with very little oversight, and nearly no quality control.

Lead Singer: Zac

Building your dreams
Selling everything you own
Working your hands to the bone

Copper and steel
They can be your methadone
Working your hands to the bone

Giving your life
To a world made of chrome
Working your hands to the bone

Aluminum eyes
Iron lung, heart unknown
Working your hands to the bone

Hey Hey Hey Hey

I built you
With no regard
Every warning sign
I ignored
All the demons
I placed inside
Human nature

Wasn't brave
To be so blind
My demise
Under construction
Self aware
Self destruction

Shoot the monster
You decide
The creator
Of the design

The Machine has not been performed live